The AuSome Six! Ironic Hatedom
Type: Cartoon hatedom
Status: Active

The AuSome Six, stylized as The AuSome Six! or just simply known as AuSome Six, is an upcoming animated superhero series created by Mozart999. The show was created for Random-ness Wiki's Channel Beta. The series revolves around the adventures of the titular group, which is made up of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Thomas Jefferson, Emily Dickinson, and Nikola Tesla, who are sent to the present to stop the anti-vaccine movement. It is Mozart999's most well-known project, as well as the only one that has managed to stay alive.

Despite the series's mostly positive reviews, there has been a notable hatedom.

Why they will never be AuSome Edit

  1. A good portion of the hatedom are edgelords who hate the show for stupid reasons, or for no real reason at all.
  2. Many of them will jokingly call the show offensive names such as "autistic", "cancerous", and "retarded".
  3. Some of them make offensive hate memes and thus are responsible for causing massive damage to the meme community.
  4. Some even hate it just because it is a meme.
  5. Others will hate it just for being popular.
  6. There are some people who even made hate art of the show, most notably on DeviantArt.
  7. Many of them participate in cringe culture and will harass people who like the series.
  8. Some of them even make hate memes of the creator of the series.
  9. Some of them are also part of the anime hatedom and will mistakenly say the art style looks like anime when it's clearly not!
  10. The Tumblr community even called the show "problematic" simply for not fitting their idea of a good television show.
  11. There are also considerable amounts of SJWs, anti-SJWs, religious nut-jobs, and moral guardians.
  12. Conspiracy theorists, especially the anti-vaxxers, also hate the show due to its portrayal of the anti-vaccine movement.
  13. Some of the haters are racist, especially due the fact that the series was partially made in South Korea.
  14. There is also a certain number of people in the hatedom who are homophobic and/or acephobicbut don't even realize that it was likely that both Newton and Tesla were likely asexual and that it is commonly believed that Dickinson was lesbian/bisexual.
  15. Some of them are also enbyphobic because of the fact that there are a few characters who are canonically non-binary.
  16. Many of them are part of the autism hatedom and/or are autism deniers and will make fun of the way the Six were portrayed, but they don't realize there is actual historical basis for it.
  17. A good number of them are also part of the United States hatedom, since the show is mostly set in the United States and four of the Six (Einstein, Jefferson, Dickinson, Tesla) have histories involving the United States.
  18. Some of theme even hate the show due to there being a notable group of toxic people in the fandom.
  19. Some of them even overlap with the toxic side of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom and will call the series a ripoff even though they are barely even similar to each other!

The only AuSome thing about them Edit

  1. They don't exist.
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