Pringis is a destroyer of worlds; a killer of planets; a bender of time, space, and reality itself; and also a brand of chips. Pringis is currently in it‘s dormant state. However, should somebody awaken it, it will surely obliterate our world as we know it.

How to awaken Pringis Edit

NOTE: This is an EXTREMELY dangerous process, and could potentially lead to the death of the universe. Do NOT attempt this in real life.

  1. Buy a can of shards of Pringis (Pringles).
  2. Dump them on a desk.
  3. Stack them.
  4. Put one end of the stack in your left hand, and put the other end in your right.
  5. Crush the stack together. This should combine to create one of his two eyes, his hair, his mustache, or his bowtie.
  6. After you get one of his facial features, repeat this with 4 other cans of Pringles (shards of Pringis)
  7. Congratulations! You’ve summoned a demon that will doom us all! Enjoy being the first one to die in the Pringle Apocalypse!
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