This is the official lore for the It's A Wiki universe. WARNING: This may be very weird. Enjoy!



All universes have to have a beginning, and the IAWU is no exception to this rule. In DA BEGINNING, the world was created by the 4 Frito-Lay gods: Cheeto Chester, Pringis, Dorido, and Lazy. All of them were good, except for Pringis, who wanted to create a world of insanity, terror, and madness. So while the other 3 made Urthe, Pringis made Wackyland. When the others found out what he did, they got angry and tried to banish him. However, Pringis managed to mind-control Lazy and force him to kill Cheeto Chester. Dorido then retaliated by using all of his power to change Pringis and Lazy into their current forms, Pringles and Air Lays. Following this, Dorido went into his dormant form, Dorito. Since then, Dorido has been spreading his influence through not only Doritos, but also through Mountain Dew and Xbox Live.

The stuff that happened after the beginningEdit

Shortly after he died, Cheeto Chester was reincarnated into Cheeto Cheetah and became super fat. This awakened Dorido and Lazy (who was no longer being mind controlled) from their dormant forms. After they discovered his new form, they made him a Frito-Lay god, and as a result of his reincarnation, he had 2 dormant forms: his old form, Crunchy Cheetos, and his new form, Cheeto Puffs. After that, they decided to become dormant again.

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