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Say it backwards, shit-wit!
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  1. I am 15 years old. 
  2. I am a 9th grader. 
  3. My birthday is October 30. 
  4. I am the middle child. I have an older sister and a younger sister. 
  5. I live in the United States. Not saying where though. 
  6. I like Pokémon, but ironically I have never played any of the core games. 
  7. Speaking of which, I can name all of the Pokémon species. 
  8. I have a Discord account.  
  9. I am obsessed with the movie Amadeus. 
  10. Speaking of which, I am autistic. 
  11. I currently own an English budgie and two lovebirds. 
  12. My favorite genre of music is classical (I think you should be able to tell already). 
  13. Actually, it is my special interest! My other is birds! 
  14. I play piano and violin. 
  15. I haven't had cable since 2014, and I rarely watch any television. 
  16. I can be very memey. 
  17. I enjoy surfing the Internet. 
  18. I also have a Deviantart account. 
  19. I am also on Click Critters. 
  20. I like to play and Tetris on the computer. 
  21. I hate eggs. It's a long, disgusting story. 
  22. I really hate Teen Titans GO!, Sanjay and Craig, and The Breadwinners. 
  23. I joined Fandom on December 12, 2018. 
  24. I joined this wiki on February 3, 2019. 
  25. I don't even know why I added those "999" at the end of my username. 
  26. I am also an active member on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki and the Pokémon wiki. 
  27. Even way before I ever had an account, my first experience was when I was 11 with Fandom was with this wiki. 
  28. I originally joined to vandalize a dead (and now-defunct) wiki because all of its content was stolen. However, I eventually found out I was breaking the Community Guidelines and decided to stop and report it to VSTF instead.
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