Dorido is one of the 4 Frito-Lay gods, and has been the main one ever since Lazy murdered Cheeto Chester. He is the god of Xbox Live, Mountain Dew, and all memes.


Dorido is an epic gamer who is responsible for everything dank (except for Fortnite, because nobody likes that). He is friends with the other 3 Frito-Lay gods, Lazy, Cheeto Cheetah, and Fridoe. He is the one who transformed Lazy and Pringis into their dormant forms; however, while doing so, he used up all of his power and turned into his dormant form, Doritos. He has awakened only once since then to make Cheeto Cheetah a Frito-Lay god.


Xbox Live, Mountain Dew, Lazy, Cheeto Cheetah, Fridoe, Cheeto Chester, memes, MLG, Minecraft, and sunglasses.


Pringis, Wackyland, normies, Dead Joker, Fortnite, and mind control.


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