Dead Joker

The Dead Joker is the Joker’s long lost cousin, who is a cousin of his long lost twin brother. He turns memes into dead jokes just by touching them with his finger. Once he does, an army of normies will swarm around the meme and completely obliterate it.


The Dead Joker was born along with his 2 twin cousins, but he was separated from them at birth because one of the doctors was too busy looking at memes, he accidentally pressed the big red button, killing the Joker’s twin brother and teleporting the Dead Joker to Normieland. Once he got there, he was found and adopted by Behind The Meme, Destroyer Of Trends. He was taught the ways of killing memes and, at age 18, given his very own normie army. He would go around, touching memes and killing them. However, the memers blamed Behind the Meme for this, and in a battle, he was killed. Currently, the Dead Joker is the king of Normieland, and is planning an attack against the memers.


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