The Wild Adventures of Midget and Sr. Doodles (also known as Midget and Sr. Doodles' Bizarre Adventures) is a French-Canadian-American animated television series created by Alex Beaudet, Kevin Jones, Jean Chalopin. It first ran in syndication on May 23, 1987 and ended on April 29, 1990. It is produced by The Beaudet Jones Company (later known as Depla Animation) and DIC Enterprises, and distributed by Coca-Cola Telecommunications in the first season, and Columbia Pictures Television Distribution for the rest of the series.

Why It Rocks Edit

  1. The animation is nicely-done.
  2. Remarkable and creative art style, which resembles hand-drawn doodles and creatures.
  3. Charming and likable characters, especially the titular Midget and his sidekick Sr. Doodles.
  4. The music and songs (including the theme song) are also quite nice to listen to.
  5. The concept of a mouse-like creature and an anthropomorphic cheese going on wacky adventures through different art worlds, dealing with weird creatures around them is interesting and fun.
  6. Decent voice acting, especially from actors like Kathleen Barr and Rob Paulsen.
  7. Plenty of funny moments for here.
  8. The adventures they go on, as mentioned on #5, are fun and exciting.
  9. Passable character designs on most of the characters, including the main protagonists.
  10. Clever writing.
  11. The Sr. Doodles Talks segment is pretty memorable.

Bad Qualities Edit

  1. Some of the jokes may be inappropriate for a kids' show, such as the hot-dog bun joke.
  2. The character designs for some of the characters are either weird, crude, or ugly.
  3. The animation can appear to be mediocre and cheap at times, especially in the first few episodes. In fact, various animation errors were left in.
  4. Some episodes has gross-out humor. Hurl Fashion is the perfect example.
  5. A few bad episodes, such as "Yo Ali, So Stupid" and "Hurl Fashion".
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