The AuSome Six, stylized as The AuSome Six! or just simply known as AuSome Six, is an upcoming animated superhero series created by Mozart999. The show was created for Random-ness Wiki's Channel Beta. The series revolves around the adventures of the titular group, which is made up of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Thomas Jefferson, Emily Dickinson, and Nikola Tesla, who are sent to the present to stop the anti-vaccine movement. It is Mozart999's most well-known project, as well as the only one that has managed to stay alive.

The series was originally created as a joke and was initially based on The Gayarchy. However, the creator eventually realized it would work better if it had a more serious style. Ever since, the show has been stuck in developmental hell, with no sign of improvement. The show is mainly inspired by Super Science Friends and ClassicaLoid, but has its own original style.

Plot Edit

The AuSome Six! takes place in the year 2020 on an alternate timeline where the government has recently developed a secret method for time travel. After the anti-vaccine movement has reached its peak, an international organization known as Project A.U.S.O.M was created. Its mission was to send six famous geniuses from history to restore the Six Values; Einstein, defending Knowledge, Newton, defending Wisdom, Mozart, defending Beauty, Jefferson, defending Liberty, Dickinson, defending Creativity, and Tesla, defending Curiosity. Upon entering the present world, they each have received special training and six Badges, which they use to activate superpowers known as AuSome Mode. The series focuses on the Six and their daily adventures to stopping evil in the world.

Why it rocks Edit

  1. Original premise.
  2. Pleasant art style.
  3. Smooth animation.
  4. Cool theme song.
  5. The plot is complex without being overly confusing.
  6. Historically accurate, as the Six's personalities stay true to their original counterparts.
  7. The Six show teamwork with each other, despite their differences.
  8. The Six exhibit personality traits that are usually seen as negative (introverted, shy, childish, etc), yet aren't judged for it.
  9. The show also acknowledges some lesser-known historical figures.
  10. Very realistic.
  11. Can be funny at times.
  12. The show is not afraid to explore serious issues, and it handles them well.
  13. The villains are pure evil without being stereotypical or clichéd.

Bad qualities Edit

  1. The plot can be somewhat confusing at times.
  2. The art style is somewhat Only Six Faces (Pun not intended).
  3. Lack of diversity in the main characters (but is made up for with the minor characters).
  4. The good guys sometimes get away with doing questionable things.
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