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I remember a couple of years back when my mom hired her friend's son to babysit me and my sister for a while. We both have a huge collection of Pokémon cards and we showed them to him. He then said that he also had a

large collection of classic Pokémon cards from when he was younger. As he was looking at the cards, he told us that Pokémon started to run out of ideas for designs by Generation 5 (Pokémon Black and White). Then after a while he changed his mind and said that Generation 4 (Pokémon Diamond and Pearl) was when they ran out of ideas. Then later he saw a card with Sableye and he said that they ran out of ideas at Generation 3 (Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire) and that they should have given Sableye actual eyes instead of jewels. Then later he said that Generation 2 (Pokémon Gold and Silver) had dumb designs and that only the original Pokémon had good designs. He went to insist that they were the only good Pokémon and that anything that wasn't the original 151 was when they ran out of ideas.

So before you say that genwunners aren't real...

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